Eyebrow piercing

Eyebrow piercing first turned up in the 80es, and have become very popular. Eyebrow piercing is purely aesthetic piercing. It does not have a recognized symbolic meaning associated with it. It draws attention to the upper face and eyes, either opening the gaze or intensifying it (depending on the placement). The final look of your eyebrow piercings will depend not only on your eyebrow jewelry choice, but also on the placement of the eyebrow rings ( or other jewelry piercings like barbells). Placed on the outer third of the brow, the piercing will make the eyes appear wider set. Piercing closer to the bridge of the nose, the inner third of the eyebrow, lends an intense seriousness to the expression. Usual placement is towards the outer end of the eyebrow above the outer edge of the iris as you look straight forward. This location is pleasing on almost any face.

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