Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Jewelry is made from Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. This Jewelry can be used in initial piercings, and comes in a variety of styles.

Stainless Steel: 752 items
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Best Body Piercing
  • Dangle Square Belly Ring- Length: 7/16" (11mm) Gauge (Thickness): 14 (1.6mm) Color: clear Material: 316L surgical grade stainless steel Type: belly button ring -: priced and sold individually
  • Bioplast eyebrow ring with steel balls, 14 ga- Length: 9/16" (14mm) Gauge (Thickness): 14 (1.6mm) Ball size: 5/32" (4mm) Material: 316L surgical grade stainless steel Material: bioplast Type: curved barbell -...
  • Belly button ring with dangling pendant- Length: 7/16" (11mm) Gauge (Thickness): 14 (1.6mm) Ball size: 3/16" (5mm) Material: 316L surgical grade stainless steel Material: crystals Type: belly button ring
  • Acrylic wave plug, 6 ga- Length: 3/8" (10mm) Gauge (Thickness): 6 (4.0mm) Material: acrylic Type: plug -: priced and sold in pairs
  • Black half ball labret, 14 ga- Gauge (Thickness): 14 (1.6mm) Material: titanium coated 316L surgical stainless steel Type: labret -: 5mm half ballShown:10mm labret.
  • 14K Gold nose bone with 1.5mm blue zircon gem- Length: 1/4" (6mm) Type: nose bone -: priced and sold individually -: Made In USA -: Customization available, contact us. Gem Type: Blue Zircon Gem Size: Small - 1.5mm...